Chateau d'Isenbourg 

Hotel & spa

On the Alsace wine route you will come across the Beautiful atmospheric castle hotel Chateau d'Isenbourg in Rouffach. Here you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the good life and the gastronomy of Alsace. 

The Chateau d'Isenbourg is located in the middle of the vineyards, near the old town of Rouffach, the Rhine delta and the Schwarzwald. The place has a rich history.

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History of the Chateau d'Isenbourg

According to various documents the old Castle in Rouffach was one of the royal residences of Dagobert II (c. 652-679). He was the King of Austrasia, the northeastern part of the Merovingian Kingdom. His Empire covered the East of current France, the West of Germany, parts of Belgium the Netherlands. The word goes that Dagobert II gave the fortress to the prince bishops of Strasbourg. 

The bishops or Strasbourg resided here until the French Revolution.In 1380 Bishop Frederic the Blankenheim gave order to enlarge the fortified walls of the city. The chateau d'Isenbourg became part of this mighty fortress. Foundations of this are still visible today on the southwest side of the Castle. The old fortification was demolished around 1822. The current Castle was built on top of the remaining cellars that still exist from the 12th and the 14th century. They are partly still used as the restaurant, the wine cellars and the kitchen.

The South Tower of the castle was built in 1894 and has a weapon that reminded of Leopold I, Duke of Austria and Bishop of Passau and Strasbourg. The chateau and surrounding vineyards became property of a syndicate of wine traders and producers, and it remained unoccupied for decades. 

Since 1974 the château is used as a luxury hotel. There are forty–one bedrooms, nine of them are modern additions outside the main building.

Facilities of the Chateau d'Isenbourg

For dinner you can choose between restaurant "Aux Tommeries", with a panoramic dining room and terrace overlooking the vineyards of le Clos d'Isenbourg, or the vaulted 12th-century Dagobert-Hall, decorated in Louis XIII style.

In the spa Asian Villa you can enjoy ultimate wellness, relaxation and beauty treatments. Enjoy the indoor pool and the heated outdoor swimming pool, Hammam, sauna and jacuzzi. You have free access every day from 08: 00 to 21: 00. 

The Alsace region has a rich past. There are over 250 museums and collections that show the great heritage from prehistoric times to modern art.

The Alsace region has the largest concentration of feudal castles in Europe. One of the most famous is the castle of Haut Koeningsbourg, one of the most visited monuments of France. For lovers of art, culture and traditions, there are plenty of attractions in Alsace!

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Vineyards surrounding Chateau d'Isenbourg

View of Rouffach and Isenburg around 1572 ( by Frans Hogenberg)

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