Sisi dress Patterns

If you are handy with a needle, you can make your very own Sisi dress. Here are some patterns for Historical Costume Dresses from the Victorian/crinoline era. Most patterns are from McCall’s, Butterick and Simplicity patterns by Martha Mccain, the Fashion Historian.

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Simplicity Sewing Pattern 9761 Civil War Dress / Gown

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 5726 Historical Undergarments, Petticoat, 

Simplicity 5442 Sewing Pattern Civil War Wedding Dress

Butterick 6195 Sewing Pattern Misses Civil War Costume Gown 

McCall's Civil War Era Pattern Design 4339

McCall's 4415 Historical Pattern Civil War Era (Gone with the Wind Style) 

Simplicity 1818 Misses Costume Sewing Pattern

Butterick P204 Sewing Pattern Misses Historical Victorian Gown Costume 

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2172: Misses' Costume, Size R5 

McCall's Civil War Pattern 3609. Hoop Skirt; Camisole; Corset

Simplicity 2881 Sew Pattern MISSES' CIVIL WAR COSTUME Plus Size 16-24

OOP Butterick Making History Pattern 6693. Civil War Era Dresses

Simplicity 4900 Misses' Civil War Costumes

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 4092 Misses Costumes

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2887 Misses Costumes

Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns

1898 Strawberry Red Linen Costume Pattern

Victorian Dress Sewing Pattern McCall's

Another great source for finding Sisi dress patterns and more Historical Costume Dresses is Ebay:

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sisi dress patterns

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