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Can't get enough of the georgious dresses that Sisi, Empress Elisabeth wore? Or the lovely gowns that Romy Schneider starred in in the Sissi Trilogy? You can buy your very own Sissi dress, to wear on your wedding, a theme party or just in front of your own mirror! Here are my favourite Sisi dresses that are on sale.

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Hoop skirts and crinolines

Sisi lived in the so-called Victorian era, referring to the reign of Queen Victoria of England from 1837-1901. The Victorian dress was kind of outrageous, with corsets, gigantic hoop skirts and crinolines, and later the bustle dress, emphasizing the back of the skirt. 

In this same era the American Civil Ear took place (from 1861 to 1865), the dresses are also known as Civil war Dress, or Southern Bell dress (the Southern Belle representing a young unmarried women of the upper class of the American South). Examples of Civil war dresses can of course be seen in the movie "Gone with the Wind" from 1939.

You can buy real or replica Voctorian Sisi dresses on Amazon, Ebay and AliExpress. Here are some beautifull examles:

Partiss Victorian BallGown

Partiss Victorian Dress 

Satin Victorian Dress 

Victorian Dress

Partiss Victorian Ball Gown 

Partiss Victorian Dress

Victorian Dress 

Zukzi Victorian Dress

Black and White Ball Gown

Blue Victorian Gown 

Victorian Era Ball Gown 

 Victorian Dress 

Red Floral Satin Victorian Gown 

1859 American Historical Gown

19th Century Southern Belle Gown 

 Victorian Era Dress

Victorian Dress

Historical Victorian Dress 

Victorian Era Ball Gown

Victorian Dress 

Wondering how a lady got dressed in the fashion of 18th century? Watch this video and find out!

Victorian Bustle dress

Empress Elisabeth in 1879, by George Raab. She is wearing a bustle dress.Empress Elisabeth in 1879, by George Raab. She is wearing a bustle dress.

Victorian Bustle dress

 Victorian Bustle Dress

Victorian Style Day Gown

 Victorian Walking Dress

  Victorian Mourning Dress

Victorian Bustle Period Dress

 Custom Made Victorian dress

Costum Made Victorian Bustle Ball Gown

Victorian Ball Gown - Bustle Dress

Victorian dresses on Ebay

You can bid on gorgeous Sisi dresses from the Victorian Era on Ebay. Here is a selection of what's on sale today.

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