Plan your visit Versailles Palace

To enjoy Versailles Palace to the fullest you need at least a full day. If you have less time to spare you might want to select only one or two areas to visit. But if you do have the time, spend a few days in Versailles. It is a nice small town with several campsites and other accommodations to stay.

You can also book great tours to Versailles Palace from Paris. A great way to discover the vast estate is by bicycle, this is how we did it! 

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Please note Versailles Palace, the Trianon Palaces and Marie Antoinette’s Estate are closed on Mondays! You can visit the gardens on Monday, admission to the gardens on foot is free of charge.

Ticket fees and opening hours:

Passport : € 18 ( on the days of the Musical Fountains and Gardens show € 25).
This ticket gives you admission to all areas of the estate.

Palace ticket: € 15
The most famous rooms of the Versailles Palace; hall of Mirrors, the grand Apartments of the King and Queen, the King’s Bedchamber.

Opening times 9 am - 6.30 pm (5.30 pm low season)

Guided Tours: € 16 (€ 7 in combination with a passport)

Some areas in the Palace can only be visited as accompanied groups; The private apartments of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the royal Opera and the Royal Chapel. This ticket will also cover the unguided areas of the Palace.

Trianon Palaces, Marie Antoinette’s Estate: € 10

Strawl to the lovely gardens and visit the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon and the estate of Marie Antoinette, a hide out from the crowded Palace of Versailles.

Opening times 12 am - 6.30 pm (5.30 pm low season)

Garden and park: free

Exception : on the days of the Musical fountains show.

Opening times 8 am - 8.30 pm (6 pm low season)

Hints and tips

If you plan to visit whole of the estate please note the following:

Busiest days are Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Palace interior can best be visited early in the morning, as soon as the doors open, or after 3 pm.

The Trianon Palaces and Marie Antoinette’s estate open at 12 am.

If you are in a queue however, just imagine it must have been as busy at the palace at the time of the kings. People came from all over France and the rest of the world hoping to get a glimpse of their king or try and meet him. They had to wait a while too!

It is advisable to buy your tickets online (saves you a queue!).

If you want to buy tickets on the spot you can do so at the courtyard of the palace. Please note the tickets for the Trianon Palaces and Marie Antoinette’s estate can only be purchased in the Grand Trainon and the Petit Trianon.

The Versailles domain covers a vast area. To get around you have several options. You can go on foot of course. You can take the train (€ 6.90) or hire an electric vehicle (€30 per hour) getting around.

Best way however is to take your bike with you ( or hire one in Versailles). It is much fun to cycle around the park without having to wait for a train and save your energy for visiting the interiors. 

How to get there

By Car

A13 motorway, exit Versailles Centre.

Château de Versailles

Place d'Armes  
78000 Versailles

Where to stay

If you are looking for a luxureus hotel in Versailles, please read more here

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